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Our Phone Service was developed with an end to serve the communication needs of business entity. In Phone Services, we are not only focus on managing phone calls but we also do clerical works to meet the unique business needs and to ensure success in our client’s business.

Our qualified and professional agents are available 24/7 to deliver our services in excellence as well as in building a harmonious relationship with our valued clients.

Zeniark’s Phone Service includes the following solutions:

  • 24/7 Phone Support Service
  • Dedicated and Experienced Phone Service Representatives
  • Easy instant updates on call instructions online
  • Accessible and Interactive Call Ticketing System
  • Message taking for personal and work-related calls
  • Provide accurate information for call inquiries based on Clients’ instructions
  • Proven effective in setting up appointments
  • Follow up calls for call inquiries and appointments
We provide complete phone and tracking lead management system for your business and sales leads. A dedicated phone team will work with your marketing team to help your business accelerate revenue growth. Our Lead Management system includes:
  • Real time call report summary
  • Customized call scripts for your emailers, webinars, appointments, and other marketing sales process
  • Lead generation, Lead screening and validation via phone and online research
  • Direct contact from your marketing or sales management department to the assigned phone team
  • Accountability processes for each sales activity
We make sure that leads are valid and marketing offers are well coordinated. With Zeniark lead management, our clients will have the tools to populate the pipeline with more qualified leads.
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