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Below logos we've designed for different clients of different industries; Tae Kwon Do Schools, Chiropractic Clinics, Consulting Companies, HVAC, and more. Note that not all of the logos you’ll find here were chosen, but sometimes the ones not selected are still worth viewing.

MMA Corner Towels

MMA Corner Towels is vendor of Mixed Martial Arts towels. They came to us needing a logo in branding their towels. We created a logo design that would perfectly fit their identity.

This is the approved logo for MMA Corner Towels.


Intensity5 is one of Zeniark’s internal project. It is a direct manufacturer of graphic designed Lacrosse shorts, offering exclusive graphic designs to produce a distinctive look with top quality materials and embellishment options.

This is the approved logo for Intensity5.

Intellect Computers

ntellect Computers and Electronics Inc. offers products that suite computer hardware and software needs. Delivering services aims to improve the efficiency, and profitability of your day-to-day operations, maintenance, and repair.

This is the approved logo for Intellect Computers.

Data Interfuse

Data Interfuse was founded to empower organizations with the ability to access, integrate, and leverage its entire data infrastructure effectively in order to deploy successful business solutions.

This is the approved logo for Data Interfuse.