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Below logos we've designed for different clients of different industries; Tae Kwon Do Schools, Chiropractic Clinics, Consulting Companies, HVAC, and more. Note that not all of the logos you’ll find here were chosen, but sometimes the ones not selected are still worth viewing.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast IT Solutions is a premier technology company that solves tough IT problems faced by the most demanding organizations. We architect and implement technology solutions resolving tough business issues in Conneticut.

This is the approved logo for Gold Coast.

Fierce Software

Fierce Software is a unique IT software reseller company that provides innovative software solutions that are focused on delivering the best value with lower total cost of ownership.

This is the approved logo for Fierce Software.

Chubby Weasel

Chubby Weasel Technologies is the creator of a phone application named Eidetiq. Eidetiq was developed for a simple yet powerful idea: for people to easily capture and remember things using a computer, phone, and the web.

This is the approved logo for Chubby Weasel.

Capitol Martial Arts

Capitol Martial Arts Academy is one of the premier Martial Arts schools in the Washington D.C. area, guiding individuals in all age groups, to reach their full potential.

This is the approved logo for Capitol Martial Arts.